Why Text Message Marketing Will Become Essential In 2022

The year 2022 has just started and already the marketing world is doing some massive changes. Because of the world events, businesses have realized that they will need to be more inventive if they want to market to customers. One of the methods that have shown dramatic success is via text message marketing (i.e., SMS marketing).

SMS marketing has shown to be a highly effective way to keep in touch with your customers while also not pushing hard. Company juggernauts like Textedly, EZ Texting, and Podium have managed to help see very tangible results in their clients’ businesses. Textedly in particular has been known as the company most apt to help grow a business via text message marketing and has certainly presented itself as the foremost authority on the subject.

In this brief overview, we’ll go over just a few of the areas that explain how powerful SMS marketing is for pushing repeat customers back to your website.

Reason #1. Customer Engagement

While email marketing is still another useful tool for connecting with a customer, thanks to the ever-increasing aggression from scammers, many people are just tuning out their emails and chucking anything they don’t personally connect with into the spam folder. That’s a death sentence for a business.

SMS marketing avoids all of that by hitting them on their phone. By reaching out to a previous customer through text, you can keep them actively interested in your brand. Not only that, but you can just as easily reach out to new people by offering exclusive promotions only by way of getting their number. This primes them up for engaging with you via text over email.

Reason #2. Trackable Results

The second reason is that SMS marketing is easily trackable. How many numbers do you have? How many messages did you send? What percentage of those messages responded to you? What percentage of those that responded did so within 24 hours?

These are all things you can more effectively and easily track and be aware of while understanding that they are all easier to improve upon and easy to take note of.

Reason #3. Customer Peace Of Mind

Also known as “the permission to say ‘No'”, giving customers peace of mind when marketing to them is a near essential that very few marketing platforms offer. Unlike email marketing, which hides unsubscribing through a weird list of things to do, opting out of text marketing is as simple as saying “STOP.”

Why is this important? Because it gives people the sense of power to end the game whenever they’ve had enough. This sense of power will make them LESS inclined to use it since they know it’s not hidden. This means you will be able to market to a customer for longer than you would through any other marketing method.